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Unity3D augmented reality workshop demos – WIP

Here’s a few screengrabs of some of the demos I’ll be showing at my augmented reality workshop at dotBrighton. Characters are animated, so it looks much better in action on the devices.

There will be more, and I’ll show how I put them together. The basic stuff is easy.









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The Thrill Electric in Develop Magazine

Look, it’s me, talking about The Thrill Electric. An enhanced comic for web and iOS, built in Unity.

Bonus points for spotting all the spelling mistakes (tut, tut, Develop)!

Look it's me. And spelling mistakes.

Look it's me. And spelling mistakes.

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Making games and apps for iOS and Android in Unity3D, using Augmented Reality (Vuforia) and gyroscope control.

Hello! I’m doing a workshop / talk / hack session at dotBrighton next week about making games and apps for iOS and Android in Unity3D, using Augmented Reality (Vuforia) and gyroscope control. I’ll also show you why the Unity Asset Store is fantastic for free and paid assets.

The focus will be on iOS, but the principles (and most of the software) remains the same for Android. You can learn how to turn this:

Cuboid AR marker

From this..

…into a ringed planet with orbiting moons (should you wish). Or in fact, whatever you want it to be! The basics are remarkably easy, and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to get started.

Cuboid AR marker - tracking this!

It’ll be jolly good fun. You should come along. Bring a laptop and start building! I’ll help you where I can. There will be a followup session (TBA) where we can show each other what’s been made. There might even be a prize..

Ta ta!

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Murdoor – Additional Information

I threw Murdoor together in a few hours. After choosing the tweet, my thought process went something like this:

What does a door do? It opens and closes. How about if it was a possessed door? A haunted one? Maybe it could scare people? Maybe it could suddenly open and hit people. Perhaps the door could be controlled by a misanthropic artificial intelligence.. Ok, a murderous door! Hmm, a MURderous DOOR.. and so Murdoor was born!

In addition to this, I was hungover from the friday night (thanks @empika - genius idea to meet at the pub), and had started the gamejam on Saturday afternoon, so had little time to throw something together. Obviously I’d use Unity for this, as I’m a huge fanboy. Also it’s incredibly fast to prototype when you get your head round how it works. There’s also a ton of quality free assets on the Asset Store, and as I’m not a 3D artist, I’d have to either grab things from there, or use coder art! Since I’d recently been playing about with coder art after being inspired by @infinitecontinu’s Street Fighter II abstract work, I thought I’d make something quite abstract.

NOT MINECRAFT OK - It's something I'm working on

NOT MINECRAFT OK - It's something else I'm working on. Coder art FTW!

So with the basic concept in place, and the art style sorted, I thought I’d make my life difficult and make this with NO CODE. Well, I wouldn’t write a single line of code for this game. Instead I’d use PlayMaker by Hutong Games. I’ve been using PlayMaker for a couple of weeks, and I am a total convert. It’s incredible! It’s hard to explain what it is, so I’ll lift the quote from the Hutong Games website:

It’s hard to sum up PlayMaker in a few words. It’s a tool for artists, designers, and programmers; It can be used by a lone developer or a development team; It can be used for rapid prototypes or full games. But one of our users summed it up best:”It’s a solid FSM. It’s a visual scripting tool. It’s a hierarchical logic framework. It’s a time saver. It’s a code-snippet storer. It’s an inspiration engine.”

All I’ll say is if you’re interested in making ANY content in Unity3D, you MUST CHECK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY. It’s some of the best software I’ve ever used.

So, in a few hours on Saturday, and a few hours on Sunday, I’ve thrown this silly idea together, and used physics, AI, and pathfinding, all with no code :) I’ve been writing code commercially for 15 years, and coding since I was about 7, so it’s nice to not touch it for a game. Of course, since I built it with Unity3D, not only does it work on web, but it works on iOS too! It’ll also run on Android, when I get round to exporting it.

So far, Murdoor is just an idea with a lot of bugs. But I think it has potential to be something a bit bigger than that, so I’ll tidy it up, fix the bugs, and add a few more levels over the next few weeks.


Me with the prize for "Most Visionary"

Huge thanks to:

@reallyfancy for inspiration and bouncing ideas around.
@toastkid for the terrible pun on the game over screen.
@empika for organising the event.
@profaniti for helping out.
@theskiff for hosting the event.
@littleloud and @relentless_sw for beer and pizza.
@pmolyneux and @petermolydeux – obviously.
@unity3d and @hutonggames for making such incredible software.

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Murdoor – A game in Unity3D for Molyjam2012

For Molyjam2012 I was inspired by the tweet:

“I mean, what if, just imagine for a moment that you could actually take CONTROL of a door.”

Introducing MURDOOR!

Physics! Artificial Intelligence! Pathfinding! made in Unity3D with NO CODE*! Runs on web and iOS! Android too when I get round to it.

[Update: When I tried exporting to Android, it just worked. Thanks Unity!]

MurdoorYou are a murderous door

You are a murderous door

* Uses PlayMaker. See this blog post for more information.

Hilariously, Murdoor won the Most Visionary award at the Brighton Molyjam! This might have been due to my own whooping and cheering, I’m not sure. Anyway, Dungeon Keeper was my prize:


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It’s been a busy 18 months..

No updates for a while. I’ve had more important things to do. Recently I’ve been working on some pretty cool projects in Unity3D, which will soon see the light of day.

First of them is The Thrill Electric, written by Leah Moore (comic fans will know this is Alan Moore’s daughter) –  an enhanced comic for Hat Trick and Channel 4 with Littleloud. Built in Unity3D, it’s for web and iOS. Art by Windflower. Code by me.

Some more info:

I’ve also coded a web game for Transformers 3 and an entertainment App for iOS, both using Unity3D. More details on them soon.

Oh, and because I’m a massive nerd and I love new tech, I’ve been working on some really cool experimental apps in Unity3D on iOS with a talented 3D artist. I’ll post details on them at some point too.

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Whiplash Slash and Burn – Another Unity Game

My second Unity game has now been launched: Whiplash Slash and Burn. You play the part of Whiplash, destroying cars on a circuit. This is a promotional game for Paramount,

Whiplash Slash and Burn

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From Flash to Unity: My first Unity game – Iron Man Upgraded

Unity has been on my radar for a few years now, but it was only when it was released for PC that I started to get involved. Over the past few months I’ve been working on a number of prototype games, and this is the first game that’s now live. So here we go! It’s called Iron Man Upgraded, and it was produced for Marvel by BAFTA-winning Brighton studio Littleloud.

Play it in your browser now!

Play it in your browser now!

Moving from Flash to Unity has been a fantastic experience, and the one thing that sticks out the most is that it’s so much fun! There’s also a huge wealth of Unity resources on the web, and the community is incredibly helpful. With the choice between JavaScript, C#, and Boo, it’s not difficult to move from making Flash content in ActionScript 3 to producing exciting projects in Unity. Did I mention there’s a free version of Unity? Go and get it. Now!

Unity has to be the hottest technology out there. With version 3 – out in summer – you’ll be able to export for PC, Mac, web, iPhone, iPad, Android, PS3, Wii, 360.. it’s stunning, and it’s a far cry from anything that could be produced in Papervision / Away3D.

Unity has to be the hottest technology out there. With version 3 – out in summer – you’ll be able to export for PC, Mac, web, iPhone, iPad, Android, PS3, Wii, 360.. it’s stunning, and it’s a far cry from anything that could be produced in Papervision / Away3D.

I have a session in a few weeks at FlashBrighton called ‘An Introduction to Unity’, if you’re local it would be great to see you there! I’ll answer any questions I can.
I’ll also be posting tutorials on Unity, on here and – so stay tuned!
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Introducing UnityBrighton

I’ve been watching Unity for several years now (thanks to James from Futurlab), but the fact that it was Mac-only was an instant turn-off. Earlier this year they released a PC version, which piqued my interest again, but I was unable to devote enough of my time to the free trial to actually learn anything. However,  as of October 28, 2009, they’ve scrapped the Indie version of Unity and released a free version!

This is great news for anyone who’s been interested in creating content in Unity. Not only is the plugin just over 3MB, but it’s an almost seamless install in all the browsers I’ve tried it in.

What’s so great about Unity? Excellent 3D support, and you can use either JavaScript or C# for development, which makes transition from programming Flash games quite attractive.

Check out the island demo over on

Unity demo

So, this leads me to Back in March I registered the domain, but did nothing with it. I’m guessing there will be renewed interest in Unity, so I’ve finally got round to setting it up. For now it’s a basic Wordpress blog and a Google groups mailing list. If you’re interested in Unity, please join and say hello!

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LEGO Unity game – The quest for R2 D2 has the best looking Unity game I’ve seen so far. 

Star Wars LEGO - Unity

Blurring the line between console and browser

Currently there’s just one level, which is split into multiple areas. It’s a fairly simple 3D platformer – run around, collect gems, jump onto platforms, attack enemies. It won’t win any awards for originality, but graphically it’s very impressive. Try playing full-screen. 

Unity can also support USB 360 controllers. I tried playing this fullscreen with a 360 controller just now, and yes; it’s almost indistinguishable from a console game from a few years ago. Really impressive work Three Melons and LEGO!

LEGO have announced they’ll be releasing a full version in August 2009, with 15 levels and 4 selectable characters. 

Thanks for finding this Ed :)

[update] Three Melons have more on their blog.

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